Playing Reus

Reus is godgame where you control giants, that create the world for humans to inhabit. You create animals, plants and minerals for them and aid them in their projects. Different combinations and upgrades yield more food, research, money etc. Then they grow greedy and start wars. My swamp giant almost died so I decided to beat whole village down with stone giant. After half hour of play giants slumber to sleep and era ends. Finishing eras with certain conditions unlock more things to do. Game is fun and has plenty of complexity for repeated plays.

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Doodles #5

Summer happened but now I’m back! Scanner is up and running, that makes things less complicated. Pen and paper is way to go for now. First picture is coffeebot I drew long time ago, wanted to test scanning for that. Then I scanned some more that were done today.


Fearsome Coffeebot!


Doodled some humanoids and found something good to draw again and again.


I’m not sure what those bandages are for.


This guy sure looks familiar.

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